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2018/06/07 · Seems like AT&T is once again trying to either purge its grandfathered plan customers altogether, or slowly but surely coax them into switching over to another plan. Comment Still, $45/month for unlimited 4G data is a good deal. 2018/06/08 · AT&T is imposing another $5-per-month price increase on customers who have held onto a decade-old grandfathered unlimited data plan. The new price will be $45 a month. The data plan's price was $30 monthly for seven years. 2019/05/29 · This is correct. The old plan is not throttled. The new unlimited are throttled right at the get go. I had both grandfathered unlimited data on both my iPad and iPhone. I had to do some overseas travel and ATT talked me into supposed. So I have the Unlimited grandfathered mobile plan. I pay $118 for one line. I do use about 13 gb per month. I hardly talk on the phone and I text via iMessage mostly. Recently I have been reading about ways to save money. I don’t.

Forum discussion: ATT Unlimited Plus plan grandfathered in VS ATT Elite plan? I have the old Unlimited plus plan and am thinking of changing to the Elite plan. main reason being that I travel and work in canada and mexico and. 2017/04/29 · AT&T is no stranger to capping data use and it’s now expanding those efforts to tablet devices. The carrier has started sending emails to users grandfathered into the unlimited data tablet plan, informing them that their. 2017/03/17 · I had the grandfathered plan since the beginning and swore I'd never let it go. Had it on 2 phones, wife and I. I have 3 teenage kids who didn't have phones at the time of the UDP's and they were on the 3GB plan, cost me $40 each for.

Simple question, do I lose anything at all by changing from my unlimited grandfathered ATT plan and switching to the new Unlimited Plus plan? Unlimited plus offers 10GB of tethering which grandfathered does not so it makes sense. Learn how you can to transfer billing responsibility for a wireless number to a new account owner. Also get account and billing info. Find more Wireless support on. 2018/06/01 · that’s weird they added $20 to your original unlimited plan, the grandfathered plan shouldn’t change. you should call up a Verizon rep to see if the new unlimited plan makes sense for you. they will calculate the new cost for you. I've been on the grandfathered unlimited ipad data plan since 2010. I typically use 20 gb/month. All use is legitimately on my ipad. I know a lot of people would use these plans in hotspots. I don't need the plan for September because.

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